Many small business owners feel alone.

They work a lot - nights, weekends, all the time. There is never enough time to analyze, make plans or think about long-term growth. There is never an opportunity just to bounce ideas around with someone who can identify. How can you get your business to the next level when this level is all-consuming?

Committed to growing the business? What steps will you take to get there? What skills do you need? Using trial and error might work, but who wants to guess about their livelihood? A consultant could help, but where do you find the time to sit down to plan out exactly what you want them to do?

Wouldn't it be great to have someone on your side? Not just a consultant only offering expertise for a specific task and direction from a distance, but a coach. A coach who is understanding, motivating, supporting, knowledgeable and experienced. Coaching you in skills that you can draw on for the rest of your business career.

Wouldn't it be great to have someone helping you to get it done?


Guidance & Advice


What-if Scenarios

Goal Setting


Defining Differentiation


Market Research

Competitive Analysis

Financial Modeling

SWOT Analysis

Measurement Definition


Startup Business Plans

Strategic Plans

Sales & Marketing Plans

Project Plans

Risk Management Plans


I want you to know how helpful you have been to us in starting our business.  We had been working with another source for more than 6 months. You taught us more in one hour than we learned in the entire 6 months of working with them.  Your advice is straight forward and clear to understand.


Partner, Event Management

I wanted to go into business for myself and had a great idea for a pizza restaurant but had no knowledge of what my first steps should be. I chose Tom Bragg to assist me in getting the business underway. His knowledge of market research, marketing and finance were excellent. He easily identified our target market and brought fresh ideas to reach them directly. With his guidance, our early research identified that the business might not generate the income required to be viable. His ideas for adding unique income streams were invaluable. Tom was instrumental in developing a clear and concise business plan. The well-written plan was the essential first step in securing financing and provided a road map to opening day. He guided me through tax implications, licensing, trademarks and state and local regulations. Without Tom’s skills, insight and direction, the business would never have made it off the ground.


Owner, Food Service/Retail

Tom was instrumental in positioning my company for a massive growth phase. Tom has a unique ability to identify weakness and operational vulnerabilities and merge them with human capital and asset strengths to create a risk mitigation plan which provides invaluable strategic insight. Working with Tom gave our team the confidence to move our company forward.


Owner, E-commerce Software