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I am honored that Craig and his team at ClearRisk Inc. accepted one of my posts for publication in the ClearRisk blog. The post is titled “10 Steps to a SMB Risk Management Process“.


The Post’s Backstory

Over the last week or so, I’ve been contemplating the information I’ve seen on the web about business risk management. I’m pleased about the growing knowledge base that can be specifically applied by small and medium sized businesses. There is a downside, though. Most of the information is in snippets – blog posts of 400 to 800 words and tweets of 140 characters or less.  I could see where the seemingly random collection of information might be confusing or overwhelming for a business trying to figure out how to implement risk management. Thus the “10 Steps…” post.


I’m under no illusion that my one little post will provide all that’s needed to successfully implement a risk management process for your business. I do hope, however, that it provides a sort of checklist or roadmap you can use to step down the path without false starts and distractions. I know the list would have helped me when I started my first business.


Check Out the Website

I’d encourage you to follow @ClearRisk if you’re not already. And please take a few minutes to explore the ClearRisk website. It has a huge amount of great information, waiting just for you and that special business owner/manager in your life.


Disclaimer: I have no financial interest in ClearRisk. I haven’t received any compensation or freebies from them either. I just like the site and they let me play in their sandbox!


I look forward to reading your comments on the guest post. See you there!


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3 thoughts on “Backstory – Guest Post at

  1. Tom,

    Your guest post with ClearRisk is fantastic! We’re delighted that you’ve provided our readers with such a great overview on establishing risk management practices in small and medium-sized businesses. You mentioned that it isn’t an exhaustive list of all the steps and actions necessary to bring risk management into an organization. I think more credit is due in highlighting how important these ‘first steps’ are in creating an environment where risk management is valued and used to its full potential.

    Thanks again for your contribution! We’re looking forward to exploring future opportunities for collaboration.

    All the best,
    Kristen Pike

  2. You’re too kind, Kristen. It was a pleasure writing the post for ClearRisk and ClearRisk’s readers/customers. Thanks for letting me play in the sandbox! 🙂

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