The Value of Risk

Image via Wikipedia In my opinion, few business people recognize that risk has a very real (and substantial) value. The lack of recognition is understandable – it’s hard to put a convincing numerical value on a risk that may or may not occur. But every now and then, an event comes along that provides a quantified glimpse of risk’s value. I was a witness to one of those rare events. Here’s the story…

Home-based Business Risk

Image via Wikipedia My girlfriend Amy has a home-based, small business, working as a professional wedding and portrait photographer (one of the best in my very-biased opinion, but check out her site and judge for yourself.) I work with Amy as a PT photographer on weekends and also help her out on the business side of things. As I’ve learned the in’s and out’s of a home-based, single person business, I’ve been paying attention to its similarities and differences in terms of risk management.

39 Examples of Small Business Risks

Image by ShashiBellamkonda via Flickr It’s been difficult to come up with topics this week.  The situation in Haiti seems to consume the majority of my thoughts when I’m outside the office. Make a difference. Please donate cash to the relief agency of your choice. . I thought I’d take a look at my Google Analytics page and see what people are searching for when they find my website. There is a definite trend. Many of the searches involve the word “example” or are geared toward identifying potential risks for businesses. Let’s talk about that…

Foreign Policy & Risk Management

I regularly read Stratfor’s Geopolitical Weekly. It’s a fascinating glimpse into the world of foreign policy risk management. Take this week’s issue for example. George Friedman analyzes the stalemate between the U.S. and Iran over Iran’s nuclear ambitions. . In the article, George writes about an Iranian incursion into Iraqi territory (which I hadn’t even heard about) and how it relates to Iran’s strategy for dealing with the U.S. demand to abandon its nuclear program. He provides a detailed analysis of the situation, the risks to each country, the possible consequences and the potential options for how each country might respond to […]

A Real Life Example

“How does somebody develop a passion for business risk management?”, one might ask. Well, let’s just say that I  learned its importance the hard (read “expensive”) way. . My partner, Phil, and I started a retail liquor store in our hometown – a small town in eastern Iowa. We did our research. There was a  limited local supply – only the town’s grocery store offered a very sparse selection of liqour, beer and wine with zero customer service. Our interviews with competitors, potential customers and suppliers all indicated that there was a solid market for the business as long as […]