Services Overview

I get a kick out of helping businesses grow.


Over the years, I’ve helped small businesses of many types – manufacturing, retail, professional services, food service and agriculture. The help has taken many forms. Sometimes it was a formal document, other times it was just a series of informal conversations.


I like working with small business because things can happen quickly. We don’t have to wait for review and approvals from a bureaucratic chain of command. There is a sense of urgency. A need to get things moving. The challenge many times is the lack of direction, or lack of knowledge of how to get things moving in the right direction.

I don’t solve your problems. I help you learn how to reach your goals.


What I bring to the table is a unique mix of education and experience. I’m an engineer. I’m trained to define problems, identify possible solutions and implement the best one. I’m an experienced business leader. I’ve earned my stripes in the trenches: managing the day-to-day issues of a business; working with customers; working with the banks; hiring and firing; leading organizations through great successes and dismal failures. My hands-on experience is supplemented with a solid MBA education – not the other way around. Most importantly, I listen. I ask good questions and I listen again.

Together, we will define a goal, identify the obstacles, come up with possible solutions and pick the best path forward. We will figure out how to measure success. We will make a plan. We will do the plan. We will take a step back and see how things turned out. If I’ve done my job we will have achieved success, and you will be confident and comfortable in repeating the process over and over again.


Availability is limited


Coaching small businesses is something I do for self-fulfillment. It makes me feel good. If a bit of income comes along with it, all the better, but that’s not the motivation. I have a day job that pays the bills.


Since my coaching activities are part-time, I limit the number of clients I work with at any given time. My schedule is flexible but limited. If you have a specific timeline for your project, please let me know. If I’m not confident I can support your schedule I’ll tell you straight up.